Rafiki Yangu

Siku moja nilikua naenda dukani nikakutana na rafiki yangu nikamsalimia, nilipomsalimia akaniambia anaenda sokoni. Sokoni akapatwa na ajali. Aligongwa na gari akapelekwa hospitalini. Baadaye akafa.. Nililia na nikakasirika sana, rafiki yangu alikuwa mzuri sana.Mamake aliposikia msichana wake amekufa, alilia sana.

Rafiki yangu alikuwa anaitwa Susan, na alikuwa msichana mzuri. Alikua anapendwa na watu sana. Alikua akisoma shule ya msingi ya Muslim girls. Alikuwa anapenda masomo sana. nilikua nikienda kwake ananipa nitakacho. Nilipenda kumsaidia lakini sikuwa na uwezo. Familia yake iliposikia msichana wao amekufa walihuzunika. Siku ya mazishi ilipofika tulienda kumzika rafiki yangu. Tuliimba wimbo wa huzuni sana. Watu walianza kulia na kuhuzunika walianza kumzika rafiki yangu wakiimba wimbo unaosema.

“Hainamaana sote tuenda kaburini”. Tulipo mzika rafiki nilianza kuota ndoto nikiwa na rafiki yangu tukienda shuleni mwendo wa satata hivi kama tumechelewa. Ningependa kumuona rafiki yangu siku moja.


My Friend

As I was walking towards the market, I came across my friend. We greeted each other and since she too was going to the market, we walked together. While in the market, she got involved in an accident. She was rushed to the hospital. She was later pronounced dead. I wept with a lot of bitterness for the loss of my friend since she was dear to me. Her mother could not hide the pain and agony of losing her daughter.

My friend’s name was Susan. She was such a nice girl and everybody liked her a lot. She attended Muslim Girls School and she loved reading very much. She was also very generous to me and was always ready and willing to assist me. I always wished I would help but I was never in a position to. Her family was very much affected by the loss of their beloved one. Finally came the burial day, it was so difficult as we sang funeral songs. Friends could not hold back their tears as we sang the song that says “There is no reason for us all to go to the grave.”

After laying my friend to rest, I began to dream with her. I saw us walking to school at around nine o’clock in the morning though we were late. I hope to see my friend one day.


3 Responses to Rafiki Yangu

  1. Diane O says:

    Interesting, vibrant and colorful pictures. I will just have to wait to read your blog to understand they whole story.

  2. Hello Rafiki,

    Welcome to a World outside that which you know and live through every day. Well done on this “blog”
    I will lead people to your writing.I want you to know that many good friends from Kenya and around the World walk with you all, and we hope that one day you will all have the means to walk along side us.Keep the hopes and dreams alive, and though sadness at times is with us, look for the sunshine..it is there among your friends and memories. Keep writing my friend..together the world will come to listen to all of your stories.
    Best wishes

  3. Jean says:

    Hi Rafiki,

    I am so sorry you have had to experience such a sad event at such a young age.
    I hope you can take some comfort knowing you now have your very own angel right beside you every day and night taking care of you. Through not only the bad times but also the good she will be there for you.

    Take care
    Jean from Australia.

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